Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Survival of the fewest...

Why save a few and let the rest drown?

That’s what the Waxman proposal (CPSEA) would do since it only helps relieve some thrift stores and possibly ATVs and bikes from the burdensome costs of complying with the CPSIA.

It’s not that I disagree with relief for these few – but why not craft a proposal that fixes the problems with the CPSIA for everyone who makes safe products? One criteria in this proposal for granting relief is that it cause no “measureable adverse effect” on a child’s health. Well, of course. In reality, the only criteria that should ever matter when it comes to the CPSC regulating a consumer product is whether it poses a risk!

I don’t really want to beat up those getting relief, but I do want to point out the ridiculousness of letting off a few and not everyone. The fact is, if these children’s products were actually unsafe, there would be relief for no one.

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