Friday, September 23, 2011

Drain on the Economy

On September 28th, the CPSC is scheduled to revoke its previous interpretation of “unblockable drain” under the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGB), resulting in costly new requirements for community pools and spas throughout the country. Earlier this week I shared with you just a few of the letters I have received from businesses and stakeholders who will negatively be affected by this change---all with no safety benefit to consumers. To date, we continue to receive more letters and more information regarding the revocation. I remain hopeful that the Majority will listen to these comments and allow facts and reason to guide their decision.

Recently, Pool & Spa News published an article entitled "New Drain Ruling May be Imposed" which provides the industry’s perspective on the issue. Dick Nichols, president of Genie Pool and Spa Service in San Jose, Calif, said in an interview that he doesn't "know what it is they're trying to accomplish, but this whole thing has been the most ludicrous waste of people's money I think i've ever seen in my 35 years in the business." Well Mr. Nichols, I couldn't agree more.

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