Monday, July 26, 2010

ALERT - the Commission needs your feedback regarding moving to 100ppm lead!

As many businesses may not yet know, the CPSIA requires that the lead content limits for children’s products automatically be lowered to 100ppm (from 300ppm) by August 2011. Essentially, all children’s products will have to be “lead-free” by that time, even if becoming lead-free provides zero additional safety benefit for children. The Commission is now asking for industry feedback on the “technological feasibility” of reducing the lead in their products to 100ppm—is it even possible? And what will be the consequences? Please see the link below on our website. I strongly encourage those that are affected to respond!

Draft Federal Register Notice: Request for Comments and Information - Technological Feasibility of 100 ppm Lead Content Limit for Children's Products, July 13, 2010 [PDF]

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